Seating Charts and Welcome Signs

Sit Your Guests with Wedding Seating Charts

Weddings are a big deal and every little thing contributes to the overall theme and the impression you give your guests. From your save the dates and invitations to your place cards and favour bags, everything counts. Make sure nothing gets in the way of your perfect day (Not even confused guests!) by using a wedding seating chart.

How to Organise Your Guests

One of the most intricate parts of planning a wedding is organising the seating plan. Of course, you can opt to let guests sit where they like, but it's best to be somewhat prepared.

  • Choose Your Table Size and Shape:The size and shape of the table will indicate how many guests will sit there. There are typically four table shapes to choose from; rectangle, round, oval and square. Guests have more leg room with round tables but it’s easier to mingle with rectangle tables.

  • Categorise Guests by Group: Group people together based on common interests, or even how you know them. For example, put your work friends at one table and your volleyball team at another. Make sure you're aware of what people have a bad history together. Avoid drama if you can!

  • Organise by Alphabet or Table Number:Once you know who's going where, you'll need to figure out the best way to tell your guests. Choose to list guests under each table number, or in alphabetical order with their corresponding table number next to their name.

  • Put Your Plan into Action: The final step is to make your plan real with a seating chart wedding poster.

Making a seating chart can be a daunting task because of the names and tables. How will it all fit? Don't worry, we're here to help! We've got plenty of wedding seating chart poster templates to choose from and we can fully create one to suit your wedding and theme, and choose from 3 sizes  - B2 - 500mm x 707mm (Most popular) A1 - 4841mm x 594xx (For large weddings/events ) or A2 420mm x 594mm.  (Other sizes available)


The signs come mounted on hardboard and laminated so all you need to do is find a stand or decided how you want to show it!


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